VII International Conference on

Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

CEAM 2015-VF

November 16-30, 2015

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Praise Worthy Prize


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Federico II

University of Naples




Special issue of IRECHE and IREAMT - printed format


Special issue of IRECHE and IREAMT with the best full length articles and the best short (student) communications will be published on November 2015 issues. The articles will be selected by the Scientific Committee of CEAM 2015-VF and published without additional publication cost.



Sponsored Issue of IRECHE and IREAMT - printed format


Sponsored Issues collecting articles from CEAM 2015-VF and relevant to specific topics may be published in the next printed issues of IRECHE and IREAMT. Scholars or groups leaders interested in that issue should contact the Editorial Staff Office of Praise Worthy Prize, and provide a suitable sponsorship.



Separate papers in IRECHE


Authors who would publish their articles (published in CEAM 2015-VF but not included in the special or in sponsored issues) in IRECHE and IREAMT will receive a special price for the publication in the next issue of IRECHE and IREAMT. Obviously the Authors should submit the paper for evaluation to the Editorial Board of the Journals.


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