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Instructions for downloading the Review Issues of IREME



1. In order to consult the electronic version of the Review Issues, you should have on your system:


- Adobe Reader 8.1.2 (for Linux .tar.gz platform) 
- Adobe Reader 6.0.1 (for MacOS 10.2.7 - 10.2.2 platform)
- Adobe Reader 8.1.2 (for Windows XP, 2003, 2000 platforms)
- Adobe Reader 8.1.2 (for Windows Vista platforms)



and the following tool for the management of multifiles .ZIP archives:



           version 4.1.8 for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7



2. Download from our web site the following file:


International Review of Mechanical Engineering (e-Journal)










3. Execute the single .exe file or any .exe file if there are more parts (-part1.exe, -part2.exe, etc.) to self-extracting the parts of the ZIP archive of the e-Journal.


4. For multifiles archives, unzip the multifiles ZIP archive named IREME_VOL_X_N_Y starting from the .zip file on your computer with the freeware archive utility IZArc.


5. Double click on “main_menu.pdf” file that you will find in your temporary folder.




For any questions you can send an e-mail to: editorialstaff@praiseworthyprize.com






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